What to do about NOLA

Does it makes sense to rebuild a city much of which lies below sea level and is bound to get hit by another major hurricane?  Probably not, and if that’s what was going on I would have more support for the idea of telling displaced New Orleanians to learn to love their new environs in Houston, Baton Rouge, etc.  It remains to be seen whether the neo-cons will build on ground such as the infamous Lower Ninth Ward.  If it were as blatant as million dollar condos going up where shotgun houses used to be then we’d all know for sure.  Are they simply trying to dilute an historically Democratic district by spreading folks out to the four winds, or do they fear the pockets of grave poverty that once existed in these neighborhoods? Or, as reported, are the wealthier and, yeah, I said it, more productive citizens of New Orleans really threatening not to stay unless the place is demographically cleansed?  Only time will tell. 

Israel will attack Iran by proxy

With representation like Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Congressman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, do we really NEED enemies?  When will both of these “Democrats”, okay, okay, so Lieberman at least had the good taste to declare himself an Independent before he started the drum beat for war with Iran, stop putting the interests of Israel ahead of those of the United States?  What nation might benefit from an escalation of U.S. adventurism in the Middle East?  It sure as heck isn’t us.  In fact, only Israel would stand to benefit from an American attack on Iran.  Hence, isn’t it time that the citizens of Connecticut and Illinois call and write these two so called American patriots to remind them that were elected to serve the interests of their constituents, not those of people living some 6000 miles away.

Is it really eugenics…

To suggest that we encourage people to have only the number of the children they can afford to feed, clothe and educate to the college level?  To do this with tax breaks and financial incentives rather than ye olde forced sterilization and involuntary adoption seems a perfectly logical solution to the sad reality that our once “advanced” society is digressing into a morass of unintelligible advertising, nearly inedible fast food and too many people whose waistbands are expanding mightily while with each generation their ability to pass high school equivalency tests diminishes.  See IDIOCRACY, the Mike Judge film.  Sure it’s funny but is it frighteningly prophetic?  Was the film virtually buried by its own studio precisely because it was eerily predictive of a culture where one megalithic corporation controlled the media?  The studio in question was of course one of the Fox offshoots, part of the Rupert Murdoch right wing empire whose very survival, much like that of the George W. Bush administration depends on keeping ‘em nice and dumb.  

Lip service for the American family

Experts agree that a declining birthrate is the only thing that might prolong our species existence on this overburdened orb, so lo be it for me to suggest that we need more people…  However, it bears pointing out to every politician who have ever used the word “family” in a speech that most Americans enjoy whatever standard of living they have because BOTH SPOUSES ARE WORKING.  Corporations are obliged to claim on paper that they offer maternity leave but pity the woman who actually takes it and believes her career won’t suffer.  For all our bluster about family, pregnancy in the workplace is still regarded as screwing your boss over, trying to get away with something, taking advantage of the system, etc.  A woman might get away with it once but to yank the boss around by getting knocked up twice is a quick ticket to life as a secretary (and that only because companies are too afraid of lawsuits to actually fire women for having the nerve to want to procreate).

A new kind of Jim Crow

I live in one of those American neighborhoods where getting a  coffee at the 7-11 requires at least basic high school Spanish.  I’ve lived here a long time.  I’ve watched the public schools go from okay to not-so-good to really bad to English-speakers-need-not-apply.  Call me a nativist but I have a soft spot for working class guys who try to run small businesses and just can’t get by anymore because these days there’s always someone from a third world economy willing to do the same job for less than the going rate (often paying employees LESS than minimum wage to accomplish it).   In my town the small businesses suffering are too often minority owned themselves.  Guys who learned a trade, borrowed to start a shop and never expected to have to compete with people who refuse to follow the rules (let alone the LAW).  This is why I will always find the few extra dollars to hire my favorite electrician Dave.  He is admittedly slowing down owing to middle-age, plagued by a high school football injury and willing to cut a deal since “business has been slow”.  He’s also a veteran, a guy trying to put a kid through the UC system and the kind of salt of the earth citizen that is being made extinct by the corporate-loving immigration policies furthered by this oh-so-self-serving White House.  Kanye was more right then we could have imagined when he said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”  Allowing thousands to die, starve, become internal refugees, live in poisoned FEMA trailers, etc. was just the appetizer.  Apparently the entree is the slow extermination of one of our most admirable social prototypes, the African American small businessman.    

Modern man, is he worth it?

Ever notice how asking a guy to help out usually requires more gratitude and cleaning up on your part than just doing the deed your own damn self would have?  I am loathe to toss fuel onto the never ending fire that propels the so called battle of the sexes, but…  Men can do anything women can do…as long as they do these things one at a time.  A man can cook a meal, bathe a child AND clean the house, just not all at the same time (as most women know is the only way to stay on any kind of household schedule).  Which brings me to the subject of yard work.  I COULD do stuff myself but owing to an inherent lack of upper body strength it would take me far longer than it would take the typical male.  A man can schlep flora debris like nobody’s business, unfortunately he then expects praise commensurate to having slain a dragon and scaled a castle wall.  The decision is every woman’s to make…  Enjoy the fruits of your man’s labor but expect to be reminded hourly to heap on the thanks…  Or just do it yourself and save the compliments for when he does something truly spectacular…like remember your birthday or offer an unprompted foot rub.

Adolf Who?

As skeptical as I was about the whole putting myself out there on the internet when my husband nagged me into starting a blog, there was also this little internal fear that the public domain just isn’t a safe place to be.  Too many weirdos in the world, right?  Well, this blog wasn’t in existence for more than a month before I suddenly saw that someone else had registered here.  Cool I thought, perhaps he’ll comment on some or one of my few meandering posts.  Alas, no…  His handle was Adolf…Something…77 or some such and he’s apparently an eastern bloc techo-saboteur of some sort.  I have since deleted reference to my friend Adolf from this site but remain wary…  Who IS this guy?  Was I targeted in some specific way or does he just have a machine programmed to look for any new site that comes online?  And mostly, what’s the game?  Seriously, like hacking into this site has any possible financial remuneration potential…  I must therefore assume that Adolf, just like the genitally incompetent little shits who have to tag every building in my hood to feel macho, just likes to see his name in lights (as it were).  

Elvira Arellano Deported, Corporate Interests to Blame

Hello, American Corporate interests? Are you listening? YOU give people like this recently deported alien all the ammo they need to call Americans hypocritical. And we’re sick of it! YOU invite them in because YOU are too cheap to pay a living wage. YOU are driving down what Americans can charge for their labor, YOU are the reason the public schools in my city can barely teach in English, YOU are responsible for the closure of any number of trauma centers and emergency rooms in Los Angeles County.

Stop inviting illegals in to take your substandard jobs and they will stop coming. They will stop calling the rest of us racists simply because we don’t wish to live in the same Third World conditions they just left. They will stop hurling the “jobs Americans won’t do” credo into our faces and they will stop having any justification for crossing borders in violation of federal and international law.

YOU, corporate America (and all you mom and pop outfits who claim you can’t function without $2 per hour labor) ARE THE PROBLEM. If the only way you can turn a profit is by breaking the law then you need to find some other way to make a living. Period.

Reagan Redux?

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